Scuba diving is a big part of the ocean activities that you can do when going on vacation, or it might be something that you do every day. You can learn how to scuba dive when following the instructions below, but you must be certain that you have been careful about this because it is still a slightly dangerous activity.

1. The Gear

You might just rent your scuba gear when you show up to the docks to go out on the boat. You might buy your own gear, and each of the things on the list must be used to get underwater and feel safe.

The wet suit is the thing that keeps water off your body when you are underwater. You need a wet suit that fits perfectly, and it will not snag when you are below the water. Most go up to your wrists and ankles, and they must be chosen specifically for the fit.
You need an oxygen tank that is fitted to a comfortable carrying strap. It must harness to your body tight, and it must snap in more than one place so that it does not come off. An oxygen tank that is too loose will tug on your face, and it might lose air pressure when the tube breaks.
The mask that you use must cover your nose because you will breath through your mouth when underwater. The mask must be easy to fit, and it must give you a good field of vision. You need a mask that is rated for the depths you want to dive, and you must choose a mask that you feel is safe.
Flippers are important because they help you swim, and you get a lot more propulsion for the swim that you take. You need to have some mobility which a heavy oxygen tank on your back, and only the flippers can give you that.
Depth gauges can be worn on your wrist, and you must purchase on that will be easy to wear. You might wear them around your neck, but most people have gone with something that is more like a watch.

2. The Oxygen

Oxygen tanks have to be filled by a professional, and the pressure on the oxygen tank must be correct before you get in the water. You need to know that you have enough pressure in the tank to breathe, and you need to know how much is in the tank.

Check the tank before you go out, and check the breathing mask because it must cover your mouth. You cannot have your mouth exposed to the water because the water will get in your mouth. The fit will help you breathe safely, and you must have a mask that fits your tank well. Check the tubing for the oxygen tank for leaks, and do not dive deep until you have been under the water for a minute to see that everything works.

3. Breathe Slow

You must breathe slow when you are under the water because you do not want to send any air bubbles into your system. The oxygen is much more concentrated than it is on the surface, and you must breathe slow enough ot protect yourself.

You must move to the top and bottom slowly because you do not want to form any air bubbles in your system. It is very simple for you to move slow when you have partners with you, and you must keep your heartrate low by remaining as calm as possible.

4. How Old Do You Have To Be To Scuba Dive?

You must be at least 13 in most places to scuba dive because most charter companies will ask younger kids to snorkel. You can start working on your certification when you are around 14, and you usually get certified around the age of 18. Of course, you could start at any time because it is never too late to learn how to scuba dive or get certified.

5. Where Do You Go?

Search for good places to scuba dive around your area, and make certain that you know the people who will take you out. You want to get to know the captain of the boat, and you must get to know the people who go under the water with you. Swim with experienced people when you are new to this activity, and you might lead groups as you get more experience.

6. Conclusion

The scuba diving that you do takes you to a place that is largely unexplored. You want to see the fish swim by, and you could see things that are so amazing you might never believe them unless you saw them yourself.

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